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Stephan Kleinlein Photography

Photography & Cinematography with a passion.

The distinctive lens view by photographer Stephan Kleinlein. Specialist in Ocean & Nature Photography. Stephan Kleinlein is based with his company Ocean Blue Sky Production on the breathtaking beautiful Island of Lord Howe Island in Australian.

Global photography and cinematography work includes brand-, magazine-, model-, catalouge to specialist action extreme sport shooting.

“Live your Dreams and Wear your Passions”


world renowned Ocean, Nature, Action Photographer & Videographer with over 30 years of experience, started his photography operation Ocean Blue Sky Production on this famous quote:

Live Your Dream & Wear Your Passion

which basically guided Stephan throughout his life & career.

Born in 1965 in a small town in old good Germany, far away from the big waves of our world’s oceans, he has been calling Australia and its beautiful beaches for almost 30 years now.

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He has always been interested & active in extreme sports like Surfing, Windsurfing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Mountain Biking ... the list goes on.

He realised early on that one day he had to move on, away from his home town and out of his comfort zone, to follow his dream, to live in places where he would be surrounded by people with similar interests.

In the 80’s and 90’s the voyage began with surf trips through Europe and the USA as well as extended stays on Maui for Windsurfing (The photo-slides era).

1993, after having saved some money, he decided to leave everything behind and started on his big trip around the globe. Many continents and countries were on the list, and the end was open.

27 years later he is still on this quest, but he made Australia his home & Lord Howe Island his base for all adventures in the future to come.

Snowboard-, Kitesurf- & Skydive-Instructor, Adventure Tour Operator, Ocean & Nature Photographer, a reflection of his true passion for outdoor sports & nature exploration. Especially water and air are his main playground now, and he has  moved further into the artistic world of photography, which is now a huge part of his life.

32 years of skydiving with over 18000 jumps under his belt, that's where his photography career really started, as an aerial photographer at 15000 feet high up in the sky, to capture these action packed moments on photo & video in the Big Open Blue.

This is also where Stephan became proficient in the use of specialist aerial camera equipment and photographic techniques.

But the strong affection to be in the ocean, to be in, under or around waves, made him an accomplished Ocean Photographer over the years.

Places like Lord Howe Island (Australia), Bahamas, California, Guadeloupe Island (Mexico), Hawaii, Mauritius, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu ... to name just a few locations, became his regular photography playgrounds to shoot for Sport- Outdoor & Travel Magazines & Brands.

Stephan’s main focus is to create stunning images for his own collection  of photography artwork, of which you will find marvellous examples on his web site.

“People often say, you have to find a niche in photography to be successful!

Hmmm… this might be true in some cases, and especially if you really want to be rich and famous, but I personally love to take photos of almost anything.

I am passioned about the challenge to capture something unique, a special moment in time, and make it look beautiful, inspiring, outstanding and gripping.

 I love to capture nature's moments and, with modern paintbrushes, bring out the highlights of my images - basically, very similar to painting a beautiful canvas with oil paints & brushes in the traditional way. It is my passion and my choice to live my dream.”

“Walking through nature to see the world through my camera lens makes me slow down and appreciate more the little tiny things in life we often miss.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what kind of weather or light you have - there is no bad day for photography, I believe.”


The Ocean, the Colour Blue and the Sky.This is for me the place where I feel at home and where I like to be …. OCEAN BLUE SKY

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Living The Dream