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Finally it is here

Stephan's Lord Howe Island Photography Book

Filled with high quality images taken by Stephan Kleinlein on the island,

plus lots of island info facts.

The book will take you around the main island, all the way to Balls Pyramid, Admiralty Islands and back.

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Top images from underwater, below the waves, amongst the sharks. From high up, surrounded by endless numbers of sea birds gathering every year on Lord Howe Island.

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Durable Hardcover Photo-Book

Professional High Quality Print

Landscape Format

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A quick preview trailer of the book.

Stephan's Photography Book -

A great gift to your family, friends or yourself.

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Available in three different sizes:

- MEDIUM 8"x6" (20x15cm)         NOW - Introduction Price A$98.00

Hard Cover Book 106 pages RRP A$149.00

- LARGE  11"x8" (28x20cm)      NOW - Introduction Price A$119.00

Hard Cover Book 106 pages RRP A$169.00

- X LARGE 16"x12" (40x30cm)    NOW - Introduction Price A$149.00

Hard Cover Book 106 pages RRP A$199.00

(*plus postage!)

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